Pose Work for Sisters (detail; 2016), Jacqueline Donachie. Courtesy of the artist and Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow

A guide to urban living

In her mid-career survey, Jacqueline Donachie explores the hidden cruelties of the urban environment

11 Jan 2018
Head with Insect (detail; 1935), Catherine Yarrow. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art © Catherine Yarrow Estate

Scotland is waking up to the importance of women Surrealists

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art has put together a modest but eye-opening display of works created and inspired by female Surrealists

24 Feb 2017

Hoping for a miracle as Inverleith House shuts its doors

‘The decision to shut Inverleith House is sudden, shocking and sad’

21 Oct 2016
Dazzle Ship Scotland Every Woman (2016), Ciara Phillips. Photo: Ross Fraser McLean/ Studio RoRo

Escape the Fringe! A guide to the best of the Edinburgh Art Festival

Art can easily get forgotten in the mayhem of the city’s summer programmes, but it’s worth a detour to these exhibitions

16 Aug 2016
Installation view: Damián Ortega: States of Time, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2016

‘I like the idea of getting lost.’ Damián Ortega in Edinburgh

The Mexican artist discusses his work, his experimental education and the importance of tools, as his solo exhibition opens at Fruitmarket Gallery

28 Jul 2016
Bicho Caranguejo (1959), Lygia Clark.

‘It’s you who now give expression to my thoughts’: Lygia Clark’s art in London

The Brazilian artist was relentlessly inventive, moving from abstract drawing to ‘critter’-like sculptures and, ultimately, participatory works

22 Jul 2016
Marker Cones

Selfies, sexuality and self-parody: when artists perform for the camera

Artists recognised the power of the staged image long before Instagram came along

11 May 2016

Marisol Escobar: 1930–2016

Marisol’s powerful, Pop-inspired sculptures deserve to be far better known, particularly outside the US

10 May 2016

In praise of modern Scottish women

How did the Scottish women who went to progressive art schools fare in a reactionary art world?

20 Jan 2016

Turner Prize art tours Scotland on a bus

Who cares whether it’s parochial? The Travelling Gallery exhibition is a fun and engaging idea

4 Sep 2015

The great contemporary art hidden in York’s historic buildings

For cutting edge culture, head straight for the church

10 Aug 2015

Joseph Cornell steps into the limelight

A major retrospective of Joseph Cornell’s work presents a stay-at-home artist who was obsessed with travel.

24 Jul 2015

A tour through the wastelands: don’t miss Prunella Clough at Osborne Samuel

Clough excelled at making art from the ugly and the overlooked

12 May 2015

Making it New: the trend for recreating exhibitions

What’s behind the current appetite for reinstalling, re-exhibiting, and restaging landmark shows?

27 Apr 2015

Gift-giving: Lynda Benglis at the Hepworth Wakefield

It is satisfying to see Benglis finally given proper recognition in the UK

27 Mar 2015

There’s more to Moore than his monumental sculptures

‘Back to A Land’ at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park looks at the finer points of Moore’s sculptural practice

25 Mar 2015

Time, Place, Date: On Kawara’s work at the Guggenheim NYC

On Kawara is famous for his date paintings, but he had other ways of marking and thinking about time

24 Feb 2015

Now you see her, now you don’t: Sturtevant at MoMA

Last chance to visit New York’s exhibition of conceptual copycat art

20 Feb 2015

Art and protest in Latin America

Two exhibitions in Buenos Aires this summer explored how Latin American artists have responded to the region’s social and economic upheavals

23 Sep 2014

Review: ‘Radical Geometry’, South American art at the Royal Academy, London

The diversity of South American abstraction is one of its main strengths

24 Jul 2014

Present: Marina Abramović at the Serpentine

What’s it like to be part of Abramović’s latest performance, and part of its documentation?

8 Jul 2014

Abstraction and Representation: women artists and contemporary art

The complex relationship between women artists and abstract art is only just being explored

3 Jul 2014

Cultural Confidence: Scotland’s GENERATION

This huge series of contemporary art displays is a timely reminder of Scotland’s cultural diversity in an eventful year

30 Jun 2014

Review: Tania Kovats’ bottled oceans at Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

‘Oceans’ is a sophisticated response to a multitudinous, powerful subject

19 May 2014