Isabel Stevens works at Sight & Sound and writes about art, photography, and film for Apollo, Aperture, and the Guardian among other publications

Do children need museums of their own?

The reinvention of the Museum of Childhood as Young V&A has been a great success. Should more institutions follow its example and become younger at heart?

29 Aug 2023
Man Searching for Immortality/Woman Searching for Eternity (installation view; 2013), Bill Viola. Courtesy Bill Viola Studio and Blain|Southern, London

Bill Viola breathes fresh life into the Renaissance

A thrilling opportunity to see Bill Viola’s work alongside the Renaissance art that inspired it

20 Jun 2017

Julia Stoschek on the realities of collecting video art

The German collector, who recently launched a new space in Berlin, talks to Apollo about the challenges and rewards of acquiring a young art form

29 Oct 2016
The artist Susan Hiller in 2014.

Susan Hiller’s search for the right medium

‘What’s happened to the witch, the German puppet witch?’ Susan Hiller enquires of the waitress…

9 Feb 2016