Melanie Vandenbrouck is a curator, interested in the collision between art and science, and war art

‘We are on the brink of a different world’ – Caroline Lucas MP turns to curating

The Green Party MP takes her pick of the Towner Art Gallery’s permanent collection – and hopes it will spur others to climate activism

13 Jan 2020
The Optic Cloak (2016), Conrad Shawcross. Photo: Marc Wilmot, courtesy of the Greenwich Peninsula

London’s new landmark is a triumph of engineering

Conrad Shawcross’s ‘Optic Cloak’ in Greenwich is sympathetic to both its natural and social context. Can the wider redevelopment of the area follow suit?

Negative Publicity. Redacted image of a complex of buildings where a pilot identified as having flown rendition flights lives; from the series Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition. © Edmund Clark; courtesy of Flowers Gallery London and New York

A frightening take on the War on Terror at the IWM

Edmund Clark’s eye-opening exhibition will make you think again about the impact and ethics of counter-terrorism and state control

Totality, 2016, Katie Paterson

Fitting the entire universe into an art gallery

Katie Paterson once beamed Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the moon and back. At the Lowry, she continues to explore the vastness of space

26 May 2016

Photography as a medium seems richer than ever

It’s important that photography retains its social, human edge as we enter another turbulent year

12 Jan 2016

Review: ‘Human Rights Human Wrongs’ at The Photographers’ Gallery

Can photography influence social and political events, or just record them?

28 Feb 2015

Impossible balance: Richard Serra’s sculptures at Gagosian Gallery

The complexity and integrity of Serra’s monumental work is mind-blowing

Review: Jane and Louise Wilson’s ‘Undead Sun’ at the Imperial War Museum

Undead Sun explores the First World War’s nascent mechanics of propaganda, aerial warfare and camouflage

28 Oct 2014

Review: Mark Neville’s Helmand Work at the IWM London

Mark Neville’s films and photographs from Afghanistan reveal the strange banality of war

13 Aug 2014

The Rodin Gift to the V&A: a centenary celebration

In 1914 Auguste Rodin gifted 18 sculptures to the V&A, in tribute to the British soldiers fighting alongside his own countrymen in the First World War

29 Jul 2014

Review: ‘The Power of the Sea’ at the Royal West of England Academy

Interest in maritime art ebbs and flows, but it seems that we have hit a new wave

19 May 2014

Stimulating the mind and the eyes: Barnes and Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare’s work at the Barnes Foundation is both entertaining and deeply reflective

22 Mar 2014