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40 Under 40 Africa

Océane Harati

28 September 2020

Founder and director, OH Gallery, Dakar

Located in Dakar’s central Plateau district, OH Gallery was founded by Océane Harati in 2018. Alongside its small but growing roster of artists, who are primarily based in West Africa, the gallery has also exhibited work by internationally renowned figures such as Soly Cissé and Rossy de Palma.

For Harati, who was born and raised in Senegal, the gallery is a way both to contribute to the promotion of contemporary art in her home country and to expand the international profile of the artists she represents, working closely on their long-term career development in partnership with galleries outside Dakar – emblematic, perhaps, of the collaborative impulse of many emerging gallerists across the continent of Africa. Harati – who has an MBA in Cultural Engineering, and also works as an independent curator and advisor – was first acquainted with the city’s art scene as an intern and later an administrative manager at Antenna gallery.

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