Helen Gordon’s books include a novel, ‘Landfall’ (Penguin) and, most recently, ‘Notes from Deep Time: A Journey Through Our Past and Future Worlds’ (Profile Books).

The beautiful but deadly world of Edward Burtynsky

In documenting the damage humans have done to the planet, the photographer has created a disturbingly thrilling record of environmental disaster

28 Mar 2024
La Condition Humaine (detail; 1935), René Magritte.

At Nottingham Contemporary, caves really are the rocks of ages

A show about caves and the artists who have been inspired by them goes deep underground and incredibly far back in time

30 Sep 2022
Courtesy Natural History Museum

The Jurassic fossils of the Cotswolds reveal prehistoric secrets – and can help us predict the future

A pair of amateur fossil hunters have uncovered a section of Jurassic sea floor in a sleepy corner of England

19 Aug 2021

Fossil hunting and forbidden love – ‘Ammonite’ reviewed

Francis Lee’s film plays fast and loose with Mary Anning’s life – but at least it digs the great geologist out of historical obscurity

31 Mar 2021