Henry Little is the co-director of Breese Little gallery in London

Can commercial galleries thrive outside major market centres?

More contemporary galleries than ever are opening regional outposts, or moving out of London altogether

17 Jan 2018

Is the art market unhealthy?

Some major art dealers are calling it quits, others have joined forces. Who’s saying what about the changing state of the industry?

3 Jul 2015

Does the art market need more regulation?

Recent art market commentary presents a new and unusual crisis: too much money

29 Jun 2015

Beyond Cork Street: London’s art dealers and the press

Mark Hudson’s begrudging defence of Cork Street is a species of support London’s gallerists can do without

12 Mar 2014

Flip Charts: Flipping art in contemporary auctions

Trophy works by hot young artists are frequently sold repeatedly in a short space of time. What does it mean for the art market?

24 Feb 2014

Disputed Miró lots withdrawn from Christie’s sale

Christie’s withdrew 85 works by Joan Miró from its London auctions this week, in light of ongoing legal disputes in Portugal

5 Feb 2014

Friezing Outside

Too many young dealers view Frieze as the gatekeeper to artistic fame and fortune, and are desperate to come in from the cold

11 Oct 2013

Deserted Halls of Commerce

The proliferation of ‘mega spaces’ in London looks set to continue, and it leaves too many smaller galleries struggling to keep their footing

17 Sep 2013