Ruth Allen is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.

Treasures from Palmyra preserved in the world’s museums

As ISIS destroys the site, these items are more important than ever

14 Sep 2015

The difficulty of ‘Defining Beauty’

The British Museum’s celebration of the body in ancient Greek art is more complicated than you might imagine – and better for it

9 Apr 2015

What’s inside the Amphipolis Tomb?

And what does it mean for our understanding of Graeco-Roman art?

16 Jan 2015

More than just copies: Brussels’ Plaster Cast Workshop

Can a copy ever be more authentic, and more informative, than an original work of art?

21 Sep 2014

Could a newly discovered tomb in Greece hold Hellenistic treasures?

It’s thought it could have links with Alexander the Great, and items have been found previously nearby

13 Aug 2014