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Mexico library claims to discover first known audio of Frida Kahlo

Plus: Opening of Humboldt Forum delayed until 2020 | and 2019 Sobey Art Award shortlist announced

13 June 2019

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Mexico library claims to discover first known audio of Frida Kahlo | The National Sound Library of Mexico has announced that it may have discovered the first known audio of Frida Kahlo, in which she reads from her 1949 catalogue essay ‘Portrait of Diego’ on the pilot episode of radio show El Bachiller. The episode aired in 1955, a year after Kahlo’s death. The clip was found among the private archives of the late El Bachiller host Álvaro Gálvez y Fuentes. Specialists are currently examining the audio in order to verify the library’s claim.

Opening of Humboldt Forum in Berlin delayed until 2020 | The opening of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin was scheduled for later this year but has been delayed until 2020, it was confirmed yesterday. The president of the federal office for construction and regional planning and the chairman of the museum foundation’s construction committee toured the building, a former palace, and reported that ‘it is not realistic to make the building ready for use by the end of 2019’. A new timetable for the opening of the museum will be presented on the 26 June.

2019 Sobey Art Award shortlist announced | The Sobey Art Foundation and the National Gallery of Canada have announced the shortlisted candidates for the 2019 Sobey Art Award. The five finalists are D’Arcy Wilson, Nicolas Grenier, Stephanie Comilang, Kablusiak, and Anne Low. The award is presented each year to a Canadian artist aged 40 or younger, with a top prize of $100,000 CAD, $25,000 CAD for the remaining finalists and $2,000 CAD going to every artist on the longlist.