40 Under 40 Art and Tech

Sofia Garcia

20 September 2021

Founder, ArtXCode, Florida

After graduating from university with a degree in art history, Sofia Garcia began studying web development and coding. ‘I found myself looking at computers through an art-historical lens and became fascinated with the history of computer graphics,’ she has said. In 2016 Garcia founded ARTXCODE as an online community for algorithmic artists to share their work; in 2018 it was launched as a digital gallery, supporting artists through exhibitions, special projects and private sales. Among the resources available on the website is a library of books on art, code and theory. In December 2020, the gallery launched a ‘Microgrant’ initiative that offered $500 to artists making algorithmic works. Since March this year Garcia has been on the curatorial board of Art Blocks, a platform that allows algorithmic art to be stored on the Ethereum blockchain so that the code itself is captured as an NFT (rather than a video or image of the code); she is also on the advisory board for Code/Art, a non-profit teaching young girls how to make art with code.

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