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40 Under 40 Art and Tech

Kate Vass

20 September 2021

Founder, Kate Vass Galerie, Zurich

When Kate Vass founded her eponymous gallery in Zurich in 2017, it was the first bricks-and-mortar space to specialise in art and technology. The gallery promotes emerging artists such as Robbie Barrat, exhibits established figures including Mario Klingemann, and forges links between contemporary examples of algorithmic or ‘generative’ art and the history of art and code; one recent group show celebrated the legacy of the late mathematician John Horton Conway, who in 1970 presented his landmark ‘Game of Life’ theory in Scientific American. Other initiatives include #womensupportingwomen, which launched in November 2020 with an online exhibition of women artists at the Vancouver Biennale Art & Technology EXPO. Beyond Zurich, the gallery promotes its artists at international fairs and events such as CADAF as well as through online programming. Vass, who has her own private collection of computer-based art, was previously a freelance curator and art market adviser for private and corporate clients through her firm F.A.R.E Consulting.