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40 Under 40 Art and Tech

Suzanne Treister

26 August 2021

Artist, London

Suzanne Treister made the leap from painting to new media art in the 1980s and has continued to incorporate new digital technologies in her work as they emerge. She began creating work about video games in 1988, virtual reality in 1992, imaginary software in 1993, and in 1995 she made her first web project, based around a time-travelling avatar. Her work often focuses on the relationship between new technologies and alternative belief systems, bridging the two as a means of imagining potential futures for humanity; recent projects include her TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS (2020–21) and HFT The Gardener, the latter centred on a ‘high-frequency algorithmic trader’ in the city of London who begins experimenting with psychoactive drugs. In 2019, Treister produced a multi-part digital commission for the Serpentine in London, and her work has been exhibited in many other galleries, museums and major biennials across the world. In 2018 she was awarded the Collide International Award, organised by CERN in Geneva.

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