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Amsterdam Magical Centre: Art and Counterculture 1967–70

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


This exhibition explores the counterculture in Amsterdam in the late 1960s when the Dutch capital was a progressive haven for artists, and began to attract young people from all over the world. It was also a time that saw artists rebel against the establishment and seek alternative, new platforms: on the streets, in magazines or on TV. Ideas began to take precedence over traditional form – art could be a ‘happening’, an intervention in the city, or a television programme. The exhibition features works by an international group of artists who were active in the city, ranging from Daniel Buren to Lawrence Weiner. Find out more about the ‘Amsterdam’ exhibition from the Stedelijk’s website. 

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Lightshow in Paradiso (c. 1970) Adri Hazevoet. © Adri Hazevoet

Sunny Implo, Louis van Gasteren and Fred Wessels

Sunny Implo (1969), Louis van Gastern and Fred Wessels. © Louis van Gasteren, Amsterdam

Gandalf, volume 6

Gandalf, volume 6 (1969/70), Studio Gandalf. Collection Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Tubing Frederiksplein, Amsterdam (part of the ‘Six Events’) (1969) Eventstructure Research Group. Photo: Pieter Boersma


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