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Dawn of a Nation: From Guttuso to Fontana and Schifano

Palazzo Strozzi, Florence


This exhibition tells the story of a key 20-year period in Italy’s history, from the years of war-torn Fascism, through the age of economic recovery, and on to the protests of 1968. Over the course of this era a new idea of art take root, with a vibrancy of styles, materials and forms fuelled by events and figures of the events of the era. Over seventy works, by a diverse range of artists, lead from Art Informel, through Pop Art and monochromatic painting, to Conceptualism and Arte Povera. Find out more about the ‘Dawn of A Nation’ exhibition from Palazzo Strossi’s website.

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The Battle of Ponte dell’Ammiraglio, Renato Guttuso

The Battle of Ponte dell’Ammiraglio (1955), Renato Guttuso. © Renato Guttuso by SIAE 2018; Courtesy the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo

The Last King of Kings, Mimmo Rotella

The Last King of Kings (1961), Mimmo Rotella. Photo: Thomas Ganzenmüller © Ahlers Collection/Mimmo Rotella by SIAE 2018

The English Model, Giosetta Fioroni

The English Model (1969), Giosetta Fioroni. Photo: Schiavinotto Roma © Giosetta Fioroni by SIAE 2018; courtesy Galleria Mucciaccia

Comrades Comrades, Mario Schifano

Comrades Comrades (1968), Mario Schifano. © Mario Schifano by SIAE 2018; courtesy Fondazione Marconi, Milan

Italy (1968), Luciano Fabro. © Luciano Fabro by SIAE 2018

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