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Fuseli: Drama and Theatre

Kunstmuseum Basel


Long before the ‘Wild Swiss’ Henry Fuseli became famous for his spectacular illustrations of Shakespeare in Georgian London, he was steeping his imagination in literature and theatre as a student in Zurich. With some 70 paintings, including theatrical scenes and portraits of writers, this exhibition traces the development of his dramatic and idiosyncratic style of painting, which mirrored a broader aesthetic shift in the period from classicism to Romanticism. Find out more about ‘Fuseli: Drama and Theatre’ from the Kunstmuseum Basel’s website. 

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The sleepwalking Lady Macbeth (1784), Henry Fuseli. Photo: Hervé Lewandowski; © RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre)

Mad Kate (1806/07), Henry Fuseli. Photo: Ursula Edelmann; © Freies Deutsches Hochstift/Frankfurter Goethe-Museum

Percival Delivering Bellman from the Enchantment of Urma, Henry Fuseli

Percival Delivering Bellman from the Enchantment of Urma (1783), Henry Fuseli. Tate, London

Cupid and Psyche, Henry Fuseli

Cupid and Psyche (c. 1810), Henry Fuseli. Photo: © Kunsthaus Zürich

Titania Caressing Bottom, Henry Fuseli

Titania Caressing Bottom (1793/94), Henry Fuseli. Photo: © Kunsthaus Zürich

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