Matisse, Like a Novel

Centre Pompidou, Paris


With some 230 works, this is the most extensive survey of Matisse’s work in France since the great centenary display at the Grand Palais in 1970. Drawing on a number of important loans – among them the monumental Still Life with Aubergines (1911) from the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble – the exhibition considers the importance of language and literature in shaping his ideas. It extends from his early career, when through Fauvism he sought to radically simplify what he described as the ‘language of art’, through his illustrations of Mallarmé’s poems in the 1930s, culminating in his late, calligraphic collages. Find out more from the Pompidou’s website.

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Self-portrait (1906), Henri Matisse.

Self-portrait (1906), Henri Matisse. Photo: Statens Museum for Kunst/Jakob Skou-Hansen; © Succession Matisse

Still Life with Aubergines (1911), Henri Matisse

Still Life with Aubergines (1911), Henri Matisse Photo: Ville de Grenoble/Musée de Grenoble/J.L. Lacroix; © Succession Matisse

Le Luxe I (1907), Henri Matisse.

Le Luxe I (1907), Henri Matisse. Photo: Centre Pompidou, Mnam-Cci/Philippe Migeat/Dist. Rmn-Gp; © Succession Matisse

Femme à la voilette (1927), Henri Matisse. Photo: The Museum of Modern Art, New York/Scala, Florence; © Succession H. Matisse

Verve, n°13 (1945), Henri Matisse. Photo: Centre Pompidou, Mnam-Cci, Bibliothèque Kandinsky/Dist. Rmn-Gp; © Succession Matisse

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