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Megacities Asia

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Eleven artists sculpt urban reality

The accelerated rise of megacities—those with populations of more than ten million—over the last 50 years has profoundly affected the lives of their inhabitants. Asia is home to more megacities than any other continent: the works by the 11 artists in this exhibition respond to the political, environmental, and social conditions of their home cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Seoul, conveying their textures, proportions, and striking material and visual juxtapositions. Read more.

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(2003), Ai-Weiwei.

Forever (2003), Ai-Weiwei. Image courtesy of Chuck Choi

(2009), Ai Weiwei.

Snake Ceiling (2009), Ai Weiwei. Image courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

(2016), Choi Jeong Hwa.

Breathing Flower (2016), Choi Jeong Hwa. Image courtesy of Choi Jeong Hwa / Park Ryu Sook Gallery

(2009), Hema Upadhyay.

8′ x 12′ (2009), Hema Upadhyay. Image courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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