The Moon: From Inner Worlds to Outer Space

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk


This exhibition explores the importance of the moon for writers and artists from the Romantics to the present day. It posits earth’s only satellite as a locus of human desire and wonder, where science and folklore, fiction and technology, individual soul-searching and an urge to economic expansion meet in the imagination.

The exhibition has six themed sections, progressing from at the effect of moonlight on painters like Caspar David Friedrich through to the science of selenography that fascinated Galileo (with a number of his watercolours on display) and the moon’s mythical depictions by Surrealist painters, before concluding with an examination of art in the space age, and a look forward to how art might respond to the new challenges that have arrived with the Anthropocene age. Find out more about the ‘Moon’ exhibition from the Louisiana Museum’s website.

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Cemetery Entrance, Carl Julius Leypold

Cemetery Entrance (1832), Carl Juius Leypold. Photo: Fotoabteilung GNM

Women in the Moon, Fritz Lang

Women in the Moon (film still; 1929), Fritz Lang. Photo: Horst von Harbou / Deutsche Kinemathek

Birth of a Galaxy, Max Ernst

Birth of a Galaxy (1969), Max Ernst. Photo: Robert Bayer; © Max Ernst/VISDA 2018

Fullmoon@Yesnaby, Darren Almond

Fullmoon@Yesnaby (2007), Darren Almond. Courtesy the artist and White Cube

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