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Watercolour: Elements of Nature

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge


Stunning landscapes, exquisite portrait miniatures and delicate flower drawings by masters including Samuel Palmer and Paul Cézanne – the collection of watercolours in the Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the finest in the world.

Rarely exhibited and in superb condition, the works on show highlight the extraordinary versatility of the medium, showing how it was used from the Middle Ages onwards to illuminate manuscripts, paint delicate likenesses, accurately record botanical detail and to capture fleeting moments of nature. Click here for Emma Crichton-Miller’s review of the show.

Preview the show below

(c. 1835–40), John Sell Cotman

Postwick Grove (c. 1835–40), John Sell Cotman © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

(c. 1812), Peter De Wint

Yorkshire fells (c. 1812), Peter De Wint © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

(c. 1884), James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Grey and Silver, North Sea (c. 1884), James Abbott McNeill Whistler © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

(1913), John Singer Sargent

Giudecca (1913), John Singer Sargent © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

(1840), J.M.W. Turner

Venice, storm at sunset (1840), J.M.W. Turner © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

(c. 1845), Richard Dadd.

View of the Island of Rhodes (c. 1845), Richard Dadd. V&A

(c. 1890), Paul Cézanne

Still life flowers in a jar (c. 1890), Paul Cézanne © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

(c. 1830), Samuel Palmer

The Magic Apple Tree (c. 1830), Samuel Palmer © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

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