The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam

Tate Modern, London


Born in Cuba of mixed heritage, Wifredo Lam (1902 – 1982) pursued a successful artistic career within avant-garde circles on both sides of the Atlantic, and was closely associated with twentieth-century artistic and literary icons such as Pablo Picasso, André Breton, Aimé Césaire, Lucio Fontana and Asger Jorn. His work poetically addresses themes of social injustice, nature and spirituality, and was greeted internationally with both consternation and acclaim. Read more.

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Horse-Headed Woman, Wifredo Lam.

Horse-Headed Woman (1950), Wifredo Lam. © SDO Wifredo Lam

Self-Portrait, II, (1938), Wifredo Lam.

Self-Portrait, II (1938), Wifredo Lam. © SDO Wifredo Lam

The Threshold, (1950), Wifredo Lam

The Threshold (1950), Wifredo Lam. ©Adagp, Paris

The Sombre Malembo, God of the Crossroads, (1943), Wifredo Lam

The Sombre Malembo, God of the Crossroads (1943), Wifredo Lam. © SDO Wifredo Lam

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