Further Palmyra Destruction Confirmed

Art News round-up: 1 September

1 Sep 2015

Art Outlook

Isis destroys temple in Palmyra; Singapore court unfreezes Yves Bouvier’s assets; Argentina to return 4,000 ancient artefacts to Ecuador and Peru

27 Aug 2015

Isis destroys ancient temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra

Syria’s head of antiquities reported the news on Sunday

23 Aug 2015

Art Outlook

Syrian archaeologist killed by Isis in Palmyra; Italy appoints 20 new museum directors; collector and philanthropist Melva Bucksbaum dies

20 Aug 2015

Palmyra archaeologist killed by Isis militants

Khaled al-Asaad served as director of antiquities of Palmyra for 40 years

20 Aug 2015

New directors announced for 20 of Italy’s top museums

Introducing the Magnificent Twenty…

18 Aug 2015

Art Outlook

Honolulu Art Museum sues collector; Germany’s proposed heritage law draws more fire; UK seeks to save its ‘Sekhemka’ statue

13 Aug 2015