The Plant that Heals May Also Poison (1974), Ree Morton.

Plastic, pastries and pastel tones – Ree Morton at the ICA LA, reviewed

In a career that lasted barely a decade, the American artist forged a distinctive – and highly personal – voice

17 Mar 2020
Heartland (1985), Miriam Schapiro. Orlando Museum of Art.

Pattern and Decoration – the movement that made a leitmotif of light motif

Embracing polka dot, patchwork and plenty of colour, P&D artists set out to challenge the norms of good taste

28 Nov 2019
CARVING: 45 Years Later (detail; 2017), Eleanor Antin. Installation view of ‘Eleanor Antin: Time’s Arrow’, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2019.

Funny and unflinching – Eleanor Antin bares all at LACMA

The now-octogenarian artist has revisited her most famous work – and it only gets better with age

23 May 2019
Photograph of Robert Morris; date and photographer unknown.

A tribute to Robert Morris (1931–2018)

The artist is remembered as a pioneer of Minimalism, but his legacy as an experimental performer is equally powerful

5 Dec 2018
Illustration by Anja Sušanj/Dutch Uncle

Is LA’s art scene growing too quickly?

In the last few years LA’s art scene has grown immeasurably. But as rents rise and experimental spaces get priced out, is LA’s arrival on the international art stage worth it?

29 May 2017
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California. Debates about gentrification have flared up in the area in recent years, with galleries becoming a focus of local criticism

Activists round on artists in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights

Tensions have flared in recent months as residents accuse new galleries of ‘art-washing’ and gentrifying the neighbourhood

30 Mar 2017