Florence Evans is director of the Fine Art Society’s London gallery. She frequently posts images of her mudlarking finds on Instagram at the profile @flo_finds.

Bank vault: mudlarker Jason Sandy on the foreshore of the River Thames.

The real secret London? It’s down in the river mud

The muddy foreshore of the Thames has been an unlikely treasure trove for amateur archaeologists

19 Jan 2021

How my mudlarking finds have kept me company in convalescence

Beads, bottles, broken plates… these scraps of London’s history provide a welcome distraction in a time of sickness and solitude

5 May 2020
Georgian watch winder with moulded figures on either side, discovered on the Thames foreshore. Photo: Florence Evans

‘The river’s debris is my pleasure and obsession’

When treasures wash up on the banks of the River Thames, London’s mudlarkers are ready to find them

18 Sep 2017