Martin Oldham is an independent researcher based in London

Wedding Dance in the Open Air (1607–14), Pieter Brueghel the Younger. Holburne Museum, Bath. Photo: Dominic Brown

A Bruegel family reunion in Bath

The Holburne Museum reminds us that this entire family is worth celebrating – not just Pieter Bruegel the Elder

13 Apr 2017
The Old Bowling Green, Halsway Court, Somerset (1865), John William North. © The Trustees of the British Museum

The quiet revolution of British watercolours

The British watercolour tradition did not end with the death of Turner

17 Mar 2017

‘We have always been an avant-garde museum’

How do you maintain a museum’s experimental spirit, while putting the permanent collection centre-stage?

21 Jan 2017

Akomfrah and Turner make for a potent mix in Margate

Turner Contemporary reveals how both artists explore man’s struggle in the face of much bigger forces

1 Nov 2016

Capability Brown’s landscapes were designed to be a snob’s paradise

‘A major part of the appeal of his landscapes was that they were out of reach of the nouveau riche’

6 Oct 2016

A closer look at Ingres’ impossible ideals

Oddities and masterpieces abound in Spain’s first exhibition devoted to the French artist

12 Mar 2016

Francis Towne’s long road to recognition

Towne’s watercolours aren’t as ground-breaking as they were once made out to be, but they are definitely good enough to merit a revival

8 Feb 2016

Goya disrupts his own show at the National Gallery

It will surely be a critical and popular success, but there’s something unashamedly conservative about the staging of this show

12 Oct 2015

Ambitious plans for Gainsborough’s birthplace

Can a small museum in a Suffolk market town become a major centre for the study of the artist’s work?

24 Sep 2015