Peter Scott is a magazine editor and publisher from London. He is a former publisher of Apollo.

Installation view of ‘darning and other times’ (2022) and ‘In the House of my Love’ (2022) at the Brent Biennial.

At the Brent Biennial, home really is where the heart is

The second edition of the event concerns itself with ideas of belonging – and revels in the diversity of this part of north-west London

8 Aug 2022
Installation view of Pelé’s shirt from the 1958 FIFA World Cup.

The Design Museum proves that football really is the beautiful game

The subject of football and all its attendant paraphernalia makes for a surprisingly joyful exhibition

8 Jun 2022
Installation view, ‘Balls’, OOF Gallery, London, 2021.

Eyes on the ball – the new art gallery at the Spurs stadium is an unexpected winner

Exit through the gift shop at Tottenham Hotspur and you’ll find a gallery full of art inspired by the beautiful game

26 Aug 2021
Post-match analysis: Wembley Stadium after the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Final in July 2021.

Will Wembley’s art trail make it any more welcoming?

An art trail at Wembley Park won’t change the behaviour of football fans – but the best works here are at least sensitive to their surroundings

13 Jul 2021
Hands on decks: Kemistry and Storm at Metalheadz (1995), Eddie Otchere

An elegy for sweaty nights of drum & bass

With nightclubs in crisis, photographs of clubbers leave Peter Scott feeling nostalgic for the ’90s rave scene

5 Mar 2021

In homeschooling hell? Then try packing your kids off to a virtual museum

With lockdown boredom well and truly setting in, it’s time to stick the kids – with their crayons – in front of a museum website

27 Jan 2021
Soul Refresher (Mountain Rose Soda) (2020), Abbas Zahedi.

Brent’s borough-wide biennial offers welcome refreshment

A George Michael mural and a mountain rose-flavoured soda are among the contributions to the borough’s inaugural biennial

25 Sep 2020