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Book competition

4 August 2017

This week’s competition prize is Highland Retreats: The Architecture and Interiors of Scotland’s Romantic North by Mary Miers (Rizzoli; £45). Click here for your chance to win.

Featuring breathtaking photographs of some of Scotland’s most remarkable and little-known houses, this book tells the story of how incomers adopted the north of Scotland as a recreational paradise and left an astonishing legacy of architecture and decoration inspired by the romanticised image of the Highlands.  Known as shooting lodges because they were designed principally to accommodate the parties of guests that flocked north for the annual sporting season, these houses range from Picturesque cottages ornées and Scotch Baronial castles to Arts and Crafts mansions and modern eco-lodges. While their designs respond to some of Britain’s wildest and most stirring landscapes, inside many were equipped with the latest domestic technology and boasted opulent decoration and furnishings from the smartest London and Parisian firms.

For your chance to win simply answer the following question and submit your details here before midday on 18 August:

Q: Which Victorian artist painted The Monarch of Glen, depicting a red deer stag in the Highlands?

Last week’s competition prize was Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Peter Björn Kerber (Getty Publications; £30). The question was:

Q: Francesco Guardi and Canaletto are best known for their paintings of which Italian city?