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Art Diary

On the Backs of Camels

23 February 2024

Forget the humble horse and disregard the donkey: the United Nations General Assembly has decreed 2024 the ‘International Year of the Camelids’. The Weltmuseum in Vienna joins the celebration of this mammalian family, which includes camels, alpacas, dromedaries and more (27 Feb–26 Jan 2025). The exhibition presents a wide selection of artworks, photographs, film and artefacts exploring the evolution and domestication of the camelids. It also touches on the complex colonial histories in which camels are entangled, as well as the cultures who rely on the creatures. Particular attention is being paid throughout to the status of camelids as sustainable sources of livelihood, transportation and food, particularly for Indigenous communities in the world’s most arid climates. Highlights include photographs by Alessandro Cinque that document alpaca breeding in rural Peruvian communities and ancient relics that attest to the enduring significance of the camelid. Find out more from Weltmuseum Wien’s website.

Preview below | View Apollo’s Art Diary here

Alina – Alpaqueros (2021). Courtesy Weltmuseum Wien; © Alessandro Cinque

Alpaca figurine, (c. 1500), Inca culture, Peru. Weltmuseum Wien. Photo: © KHM-Museumsverband

Super Taus and a Camel Yasha (2017) Imam Guseinov. Courtesy Weltmuseum Wien