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Four things to see: Pride

How artists have depicted homosexuality at various points in history

30 Jun 2023

Four things to see: Midsummer

The mystical associations and strange rituals of the summer solstice have captured the imaginations of artists for centuries

23 Jun 2023

Four things to see: animals in art

From Edwin Landseer’s stag to an ancient Egyptian hedgehog, this week we’re celebrating animals throughout art history

16 Jun 2023
installation view of Norman Foster exhibition

Four things to see: visionary architects

On the 98th anniversary of the death of Antoni Gaudí, we take a look at cutting-edge designs by some of the most influential architects of the last century.

9 Jun 2023
Fulcrum (1987), Richard Serra. Broadgate, London; Courtesy British Land

Four things to see: minimalism

From Keith Sonnier in Florida to Richard Serra in London, we have put together a list of minimalist masterpieces to see this week

2 Jun 2023

4 things to see: the coronation of Charles III

From a special ointment to an Aztec stone, we have gathered together a set of essentials to get the new King through his big day

5 May 2023

4 things to see: International Dance Day

Art and dance have been engaged in a pas de deux for centuries

28 Apr 2023

4 things to see: Earth Day

How artists have used their practice to document climate change and reflect on our relationship to our planet

21 Apr 2023
Sinking of titanic painting

4 things to see: the sinking of the Titanic

A telegram sent from the ship and a tobacco pipe owned by a junior engineer are among our pick of objects not to miss this week

14 Apr 2023

4 things to see: the birth of the Internet

From a portrait of Ada Lovelace to digital paintings and installations, we take a look at 4 of the most searching artworks related to the Internet age

7 Apr 2023

4 things to see: April Fool’s Day

Our pick of art about folly that it would be unwise to overlook

31 Mar 2023

4 things to see this week: International Tuberculosis Day

How the deadly disease inspired generations of artists and writers

24 Mar 2023

4 things to see this week: St Patrick’s Day

From James Joyce’s Ulysses to Francis Bacon’s screaming portraits, we’ve picked 4 objects to bring you closer to many myths of Ireland

17 Mar 2023

4 things to see this week: the legacy of the Jesuits

How the society of Jesus became one of the most important religious orders in the history of art

10 Mar 2023

4 things to see this week: International Women’s Day

Our pick of the most powerful works by women artists who have used their practices to champion greater equality

3 Mar 2023

4 things to see this week: the legend of Napoleon

An ornate tea service that was given to the Emperor as a wedding gift and his real-life tomb in Paris are among this week’s highlights

24 Feb 2023

4 things to see this week: Egyptomania

Our hand-picked selection of ancient Egyptian treasures includes a breastplate once worn by an actual pharaoh and a glittering golden crocodile

17 Feb 2023