First Look: ‘Shatter Rupture Break’ at the Art Institute of Chicago

It wasn’t just the Cubists who responded to the 20th century’s upheavals

First Look: ‘Poetry of the Metropolis’ at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

The Affichistes used throwaway materials but their legacy endures

28 Jan 2015

First Look: ‘The Decorator and the Thief (…)’ at the NGCA

I’ve tried to stay away from what most people would expect from a show about craft

23 Jan 2015

First Look: ‘Self’ at Turner Contemporary

Van Dyck’s celebrated last self-portrait tours to Margate at the centre of a major exhibition

20 Jan 2015

First Look: ‘Unseen’ at the Courtauld Gallery

The Courtauld Gallery is opening a new space this year dedicated to the display of drawings

12 Jan 2015

Curators pick seven highlights from ‘A Traveler’s Eye’

We asked the curators of the Arthur M. Sackler gallery’s latest show to pick their favourite exhibits

23 Nov 2014

First Look: ‘The Art and Craft of Elena Polenova’ at Watts Gallery

Polenova was leading figure from the Russian Arts and Crafts movement

14 Nov 2014

First Look: ‘Modern Times’ at the Rijksmuseum

The new wing of the new Rijksmuseum is playing host to a display of new photography

6 Nov 2014

First Look: El Greco in New York

New York’s masterpieces are reunited to mark the 400th anniversary of the artist’s death

1 Nov 2014

First Look: The City Lost and Found at the Art Institute of Chicago

How did artists develop new ways of depicting urban life in the 1960s and ’70s?

25 Oct 2014

First Look: ‘Sculptors’ Drawings’ at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

How important was drawing to the Renaissance sculptor?

21 Oct 2014

First Look: Caspar Wolf at the Kunstmuseum Basel

A new exhibition celebrates the work of Caspar Wolf and ‘the wild, uncivilised world of the mountains’

20 Oct 2014

First Look: ‘Canaletto: Bernardo Bellotto Paints Europe’ at the Alte Pinakothek

A new exhibition in Munich explores Bernardo Bellotto’s legacy, and examines his famously detailed work

19 Oct 2014

First Look: ‘Egon Schiele – Jenny Saville’ at the Kunsthaus Zürich

Curator Oliver Wick discusses staging an encounter between Schiele and Saville

5 Oct 2014

First Look: ‘Hokusai (1760–1849)’ at the Grand Palais

Laure Dalon, curator of ‘Hokusai’, talks about the artist’s Manga, his poetic late works, and the curatorial problems posed by fragile pieces

28 Sep 2014

First Look: ‘Rubens and his Legacy’ at BOZAR, Brussels

Without Rubens no rococo, no romanticism, no orientalism. Perhaps even no Impressionism.

25 Sep 2014

First Look: ‘Assyria to Iberia’ at the Metropolitan Museum

The roots of global communication – which has profoundly shaped the modern world – lie deep in our ancient past

22 Sep 2014

First Look: ‘Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s’ at LACMA

The challenges and opportunities of curating a gallery exhibition about film

18 Sep 2014

First Look: Constable at the V&A, London

A new exhibition promises ‘a journey through the training…of the young artist to his most acclaimed exhibition pieces’

First Look: ‘Sculpture Victorious: Art in an Age of Invention’ at the Yale Center for British Art

Martina Droth, curator of ‘Sculpture Victorious’, discusses historical perspective, images of power, and a seven foot tall majolica elephant…

6 Sep 2014

First Look: ‘The EY Exhibition: Late Turner – Painting Set Free’ at Tate Britain

Curator David Blayney Brown discusses setting Turner free from reductive critical stereotypes

4 Sep 2014

First Look: ‘Gustave Courbet’ at the Beyeler Foundation

The curator’s introduction to a new exhibition of Courbet’s work, opening in September at the Beyeler Foundation

1 Sep 2014