In pictures

Gallery: the 31st Bienal de São Paulo

How to (…) things that don’t exist?

28 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Perspectives: Chiharu Shiota’ at the Arthur M Sackler Gallery

Shiota’s installations reveal how memories and associations cling to certain objects

26 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Roman in the Provinces’ at Yale University Art Gallery

Highlights from a new exhibition at Yale University Art Gallery

24 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘A Brief History of New York’ at the New-York Historical Society

Which objects would you choose to sum up a city like New York?

23 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Portraiture Now’ at the NPG Washington

A new exhibition contends that portraiture doesn’t reflect the self; it constructs it

22 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Make It New’ at the Clark

The Clark Institute is putting its new building to good use with an exhibition of abstract painting

20 Aug 2014

Gallery: Olafur Eliasson turns Louisiana MoMA into a ‘Riverbed’

Eliasson’s new installation at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art lets a river overrun the gallery

19 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘African Cosmos’ at LACMA

How has the night sky influenced African art over the centuries?

18 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ at the Cantor Arts Center

Satan, sin and the underworld…selected highlights

16 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘The Art of Marcel Ronay’ at the Lightbox, Woking

Ronay’s paintings and drawings from interwar Vienna build up a revealing portrait of a pleasure-seeking city

15 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’ at Luxembourg & Dayan

Seven artists over eight decades who have explored the body as a fetishised, provocative object

13 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Landscape, abstracted’ at the MFA Boston

For centuries, painters have experimented with the landscape. Where will today’s artists venture next?

12 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Lights Out’ commemorates First World War centenary

A look back at last week’s light-based commissions marking the outbreak of the First World War

11 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘East of the Wallace Line’ at Yale University Art Gallery

Art from Indonesia and New Guinea goes on show at the Yale University Art Gallery

9 Aug 2014

Gallery: Shigeru Ban designs the Aspen Art Museum

How does the new building compare to the architect’s previous projects?

8 Aug 2014

Gallery: Art Everywhere US

Highlights from Art Everywhere US, the world’s largest outdoor art show celebrating America’s artistic heritage

6 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Colour Photography before the Great War’ at Martin-Gropius-Bau

A haunting series of photographs is about to go on show in Berlin

30 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Gego. Line as Object’ at the Henry Moore Institute

‘Sculpture, three-dimensional forms of solid material. Never what I do!’ The HMI begs to differ…

28 Jul 2014

Gallery: Toulouse-Lautrec

Pictures from the Belle Époque: a few of the highlights from ‘The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec’ at MoMA, New York

26 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Disobedient Objects’ at the V&A

What to expect from a museum show dedicated to the ingenious objects produced by protest groups

23 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Discovering Tutankhamun’ at the Ashmolean Museum

Tutankhamun’s 20th-century fame. Highlights from the Ashmolean Museum’s summer exhibition.

20 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Truth and Memory’ at the Imperial War Museum

A few of the powerful paintings that go on display at the reopened IWM this summer

16 Jul 2014

Jerwood Makers Open 2014

‘Jerwood Makers Open’ recognises rising stars in the world of applied arts

15 Jul 2014

Golf in the Gallery: ‘The Art of Golf’ at the Scottish National Gallery

Bored of football? The Scottish National Gallery is turning its attention to another national sport…

12 Jul 2014