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The Week’s Muse: 16 August

16 August 2014

A round-up of recent news and comment from the Muse Room

Delaware Art Museum is deaccessioning again

(1875), Winslow Homer.The museum has already lost its AAMD accreditation as a result of its decision to sell a Pre-Raphaelite painting this summer. This week, it revealed the next two items to go up for auction.

What does it mean to put something in an art museum?

<em>God in a Bottle (group)</em> Artist unknown. <span class="caption-credit">Beamish Museum (Durham, UK), photograph by Marcus Leith &amp; Andrew Dunkley/Tate Photography</span>Katy Barrett discusses the significance of Tate Britain’s summer displays: one of folk art, a genre typically left out of the art-historical canon; another devoted to Kenneth Clark, who was instrumental in shaping that canon in the 20th century.

Art and Advertising: friends or foes?

Art Everywhere US rendering, featuring Erwin E. Smith’s Frank Smith, Watering His Horse, Cross-B Ranch, Crosby County, Texas (c. 1909, Dallas Museum of Art, © Erwin E. Smith Foundation)Do art and advertising go together? Or are the two intrinsically antagonistic? And which wins out in the public arena? Joe Turnbull explores the cosy, complicated relationship between the two visual forms.

Important new tomb discovered in northern Greece

<span class="caption-credit">SAKIS MITROLIDIS/AFP/Getty Images</span>An ancient tomb uncovered near Thessaloniki could be of huge significance for the study of Hellenistic art, especially if it proves to be undisturbed. Ruth Allen explains the importance of the site, and its context.

Are art installations the new video games?

<em>Treachery of Sanctuary</em> (2012), Chris Milk. <span class="caption-credit">Photo: Bryan Derballa</span>The question of whether video games qualify as art is an old one; but what of the reverse? Danielle Thom points out the trend for interactive art installations: are we witnessing the gamification of art?