Gallery: ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’ at Luxembourg & Dayan

Seven artists over eight decades who have explored the body as a fetishised, provocative object

13 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Lights Out’ commemorates First World War centenary

A look back at last week’s light-based commissions marking the outbreak of the First World War

11 Aug 2014

Muse Reviews: 10 August

The week’s reviews: art in lights in Times Square; magic lanterns at the Whitechapel Gallery; and an epiphany of sorts at the Sandham Memorial Chapel

10 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘East of the Wallace Line’ at Yale University Art Gallery

Art from Indonesia and New Guinea goes on show at the Yale University Art Gallery

9 Aug 2014

Gallery: Shigeru Ban designs the Aspen Art Museum

How does the new building compare to the architect’s previous projects?

8 Aug 2014

Art Outlook: 7 August

What is the light over London? Can children understand art? And what are tortoises doing in the Aspen Art Museum?

7 Aug 2014

Gallery: Art Everywhere US

Highlights from Art Everywhere US, the world’s largest outdoor art show celebrating America’s artistic heritage

6 Aug 2014

Muse Reviews: 3 August

A round-up of the week’s reviews: Hauser & Wirth Somerset; Rodin’s gift to the V&A; the Museum Bredius; and The Space Where I Am

3 Aug 2014

Book Competition

‘Radical Geometry: Latin American Abstract Expressionism’ charts the emergence of several distinct artistic movements across South America

1 Aug 2014

The Apollo Podcast July/August: The Imperial War Museum Reopens

Thomas Marks, Diane Lees and David Boyd Haycock discuss the role of art in commemorating the First World War

1 Aug 2014

Art Outlook: 1 August

Some of the stories we’ve spotted this week

1 Aug 2014

Kai van Hasselt

33, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1 Aug 2014

Gallery: ‘Colour Photography before the Great War’ at Martin-Gropius-Bau

A haunting series of photographs is about to go on show in Berlin

30 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Gego. Line as Object’ at the Henry Moore Institute

‘Sculpture, three-dimensional forms of solid material. Never what I do!’ The HMI begs to differ…

28 Jul 2014

Muse Reviews: 27 July

Manifesta 10 in St Petersburg; South American art in the Royal Academy; and the aptness of the Barbican as a venue for digital art…

27 Jul 2014

Gallery: Toulouse-Lautrec

Pictures from the Belle Époque: a few of the highlights from ‘The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec’ at MoMA, New York

26 Jul 2014

Art Outlook: 25 July

Some of the stories we’ve spotted this week: Otto Piene; cruise ships in Venice; Northampton’s funding future; and schnapps

25 Jul 2014

Latin American art: the best of this summer’s shows

Five exhibitions of Latin American art to see this summer

24 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Disobedient Objects’ at the V&A

What to expect from a museum show dedicated to the ingenious objects produced by protest groups

23 Jul 2014

Gallery: ‘Discovering Tutankhamun’ at the Ashmolean Museum

Tutankhamun’s 20th-century fame. Highlights from the Ashmolean Museum’s summer exhibition.

20 Jul 2014

Muse Reviews: 20 July

Italian art in London; architectural success-stories; and a deliberately boring biennale…

20 Jul 2014

Book Competition

‘Degas / Cassatt’ gives and insight into the friendship and influence of these two celebrated artists

18 Jul 2014

Art Outlook: 17 July

Cancelled shows, contested ownership, online auctions and contemporary art in the countryside… some of the stories we’ve spotted this week

17 Jul 2014