Benjamin Eastham is co-founder and editor of The White Review

The continued expansion of Art Basel

By reimagining the fair as a cultural event, Art Basel moves away from a historic focus on objects towards the production of experiences

7 Jun 2017

We can’t ‘save’ Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, and it would be wrong to try

Art constructed in nature must be subordinate to it

8 Oct 2015

A Necessary Realism: Interview with Luc Tuymans

‘When I paint I don’t want to think any more.’

8 Aug 2015

The Best of Art Basel

See the best work by some of the world’s most sought-after artists – right after you’ve done the dishes

10 Jun 2015

Art Basel: June Apollo

The 45th edition of Art Basel returns with a dynamic programme of exhibitions and events

17 Jun 2014

A Tribute to Anthony Caro

Sir Anthony Caro was among the giants of modernism. We can be certain that his influence will be felt for decades to come

25 Oct 2013