Caroline Vout teaches Classics at the University of Cambridge. Her most recent book is ‘Classical Art: A Life History from Antiquity to the Present Day’ (Princeton University Press)

Ian Jenkins (1953–2020) in the garden at the British School at Athens. Reproduced with the permission of the British School at Athens

‘The Parthenon was but the tip of the iceberg’ – remembering Ian Jenkins (1953–2020)

Brilliant and charismatic, the British Museum curator was dedicated to sharing his passion for ancient Greece

22 Dec 2020
Auguste Rodin photographed in his Museum of Antiquities, c. 1908–12, by Albert Harlingue, courtesy British Museum, London

Rodin’s complicated relationship with classical art

Rodin’s relationship with the Parthenon sculptures – and classical art in general – was far from straightforward

22 May 2018
Fukujusõ (Adonis Flower)

Explicit intent – the art of shunga in Japan

The display of erotic art from other traditions, be they Greco-Roman or Japanese, should make us think about what it meant to its original audiences

1 Nov 2013