Catherine Bennett is a journalist based in Paris.

Meet France’s self-appointed heritage sheriff

Didier Rykner is the tireless heritage campaigner with a talent for publicity who has become a thorn in the side of the French authorities

3 May 2024

The HR crisis hobbling Italian museums

While the appointment or dismissal of directors makes headlines, chronic understaffing is a much more fundamental problem

2 Feb 2024
Camille Lenain

How to be queer in the Arab world

Artists from across North Africa and the Middle East are expressing themselves in a sprawling show at the Institut du Monde Arabe

16 Oct 2022
Progetto di piramide in vetro antiproiettile per l'isola di San Paolodi, di proprietà della Famiglia Beretta (2009), Riccardo Benassi.

Mission impossible – the museum for artworks that don’t exist

A modern-day Salon des Refusés saves and celebrates unrealised and unwanted artworks in digital form

12 Jan 2022