Debika Ray is a writer and editor, and founder of ‘Clove’, a magazine about the culture of South Asia

Two shakes of a lamba’s tale – in Madgascar, a traditional garment tells new stories

A new generation of artists in the capital Antananarivo are boldly reinventing an emblem of national identity

17 Jul 2023
Narendra Modi speaking outside the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, in May 2019.

Is Modi out to destroy New Delhi?

The former imperial capital is due for another reinvention – but in shaking up the urban plan, the Indian government faces accusations that it is merely rebuilding the city in its own image

4 May 2021
Nalini Malani, photographed at home in Amsterdam in August 2020.

Art without borders – an interview with Nalini Malani

The artist talks about how the history of modern India has shaped her life and her desire to reach a wide audience

19 Sep 2020
The Statue of Unity portraying Vallabhbhai Patel, unveiled in Gujarat, India, in October 2018.

The rise of the monumental statue in modern-day India

The world’s tallest statue now stands in Gujarat and even taller statues are planned in other states. What does this say about India today?

11 Mar 2019