The BBC’s Big Painting Challenge is not the publicity British art needs

Is it better to throw in your lot with dozens of other Sunday painters than go to art school?

12 Mar 2015

From the mass market to the museum: ‘Warhol Mania’ in Montreal

Warhol not only made art about mass consumption, he made art for mass consumption too

25 Nov 2014

Not present: Marina Abramović at the Serpentine

Do you have to visit Abramović in London in order to understand her latest work?

8 Jul 2014

The soft approach to public art

What makes a good work of public art? The success of Bill Viola’s ‘Martyrs’ suggests that a sense of sincerity and tradition can win people round to contemporary formats

12 Jun 2014

Stars in whose eyes? The lack of women artists in Bailey’s Stardust

Does David Bailey know any women artists? His selection of artists’ portraits in his latest exhibition suggests not

7 Jun 2014