James Ratcliffe is director of recoveries & general counsel at the Art Loss Register, London

Gold reliquary of Anne of Brittany's heart.

What’s the motive for museum thefts?

Recent thefts from museums in England and France lay bare the thinking behind such crimes

30 May 2018

Bring back the Met’s art and antiquities squad

The closure of an entire unit, specialising in the policing of a complex but valuable part of our national economy, must be wrong

19 Sep 2017
Europol announced 75 arrests and the recovery of over 3,500 stolen works of art and cultural goods as part of 'Operation Pandora'.

European countries are working together to tackle cultural property crime

The success of Europol’s Operation Pandora, which recovered thousands of stolen artefacts, demonstrates the importance of international cooperation

2 Feb 2017

How exactly does crime affect the art market?

Art crime is never far from the headlines, and it should be taken as seriously as any other crime

27 Oct 2016

Restitution made easy? Germany rethinks how it deals with Nazi-looted art

Reforms to the Limbach Commission, which deals with restitution claims, are welcome – but they won’t be enough

17 Aug 2016
Spanish police arrested seven people in connection with the theft of five Francis Bacon paintings earlier this year

How technology is changing the way we tackle art theft

Smartphones and digital cameras are new sources of evidence for investigators, but they can also aid art thieves

7 Jul 2016

Why the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s stolen art may never be found

Unfortunately, some stolen works are simply too famous to sell, and too dangerous to keep

4 May 2016