Marco Scotini and Can Altay

At this year’s Istanbul Biennial, the city is the real star

This long-delayed edition of the event puts Istanbul front and centre and encourages visitors to rediscover and reinvent its public spaces

23 Sep 2022
Rock slump from the cliffs of Sarikaya, near Yesilbaskoy. In antiquity, Sarikya was one of the main limestone quarries providing ancient Sagalossos with stone building materials.

The photographers who are obsessed with the passing of time in Turkey

Bruno Vandermeulen and Danny Veys use 19th-century processes to bring a very modern sensibility to archaeological sites in Anatolia

3 Aug 2022
Echo (detail; 1952), Yildiz Moran. Yildiz Moran Archive

Looking for the lost women of modern Turkish art

In Istanbul, an exhibition of works created by women between 1850 and 1950 has made some impressive finds

1 Nov 2021
From the series Living Lullabies (published in National Geographic in 2020), Hannah Reyes Morales

The artists collecting lullabies from all corners of the globe

These comforting songs are freighted with cultural and personal memories – and artists are working to preserve them

18 Aug 2021
Detail of a work by Fatoş İrwen in ‘Exceptional Times’

For Kurdish artists in Turkey, simply making work is a political act

Works produced in prison by the artist Fatos Irwen speak to the increasingly repressive climate for Kurds in Turkey

8 Jun 2021
Sultan’s Accession to the Throne Ceremony with Drone (detail; 2018), Halil Altindere.

Miniature painting enters the modern age

For the artists in this exhibition at the Pera Museum, a traditional form turns out to be ripe for reinvention

6 Jan 2021
Installation view of 'Bergama Stereotip' by Cevdet Erek, Arter, Istaanbul, 2019–20.

Stereo sound – echoes of the Pergamon Altar return to Turkey

A sound installation by the Istanbul-based artist Cevdet Erek draws on the complex history of the ancient monument

18 Nov 2020