Joe Turnbull is an arts journalist who has written for the Guardian, Apollo, Frieze, Garageland and thisistomorrow. He is also subeditor of Disability Arts Online, a disability-led arts organisation providing editorial about disability arts and culture.

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to homelessness. Can art make people stop and listen?

Bekki Perriman’s project for Brighton Festival tells a different story about life on the streets

26 Apr 2016

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Commercial interest in the medium threatens to undermine it

9 Feb 2016

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The Line is a great concept, but it’s not without teething problems

4 Jun 2015

Vote Art! Why artists are getting involved in the UK election

Does art have an important role to play in the upcoming UK election? Perhaps

28 Apr 2015

Art and Advertising: friends or foes?

Cosy, co-dependent, sometimes antagonistic: the relationship between art and advertising is a complicated affair

12 Aug 2014