Kathryn Murphy is a fellow and tutor in English literature at Oriel College, Oxford

The Scullery Maid (detail; c. 1738), Jean-Siméon Chardin. Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow

Pots, pans and pondering in Chardin’s domestic scenes

The 18th-century painter’s depictions of servants paused at work raise questions about the nature of attention

2 Nov 2018

The visual side of Renaissance thought

Susanna Berger’s enquiry into philosophy and visual culture is full of original insight

31 Jul 2017
Illustrated pages from the Voynich Manuscript, c. 15th century. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

The Voynich Manuscript is a book you’re not meant to read

Despite Yale’s new facsimile edition, this 15th-century manuscript happily remains as indecipherable as ever

17 May 2017
Still Life with Cheeses, Almonds, and Pretzels (c. 1615), Clara Peeters

More to cheese than meets the eye?

How Dutch meal still life paintings captured the great intellectual preoccupations of the 17th century

11 Mar 2017

The illuminated manuscripts that are lighting up the Fens

The Fitzwilliam Museum’s ‘Colour’ exhibition is a triumphant introduction to medieval manuscript painting

20 Oct 2016

Drawing the Curtain

Why paint a curtain? A look at the long tradition of depicting trompe l’oeil curtains in painting

15 Aug 2015