Layli Foroudi is a freelance journalist based in Tunis.

The pavilion of Indochina in the Garden of Tropical Agronomy René Dumont in Paris

What should happen to Paris’s abandoned colonial garden?

The neglect of the Garden of Tropical Agronomy points to a wider ambivalence about what to do with the city’s colonial sites

30 Aug 2022

The artist searching for traces of the Tunisian revolution

Frustrated that memories of more hopeful times are fading, the artist Intissar Belaid is determined to preserve what she can

22 Sep 2021

Keeping time – the Tunisian clock monuments that tell of a bygone regime

A decade after the uprisings that led to the downfall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the clocks he loved remain

18 Dec 2020

Keeping it in the family – the neglect of Tunisia’s 19th-century heritage

An auction in Paris of a prominent Tunisian family’s heirlooms was stopped earlier this year, but the country’s heritage still needs better protection

17 Nov 2020
View of the port of Algiers from the Casbah, January 2020. Photo: Layli Faroudi

The Algerians battling to save the Casbah from crumbling

It may be on Unesco’s list of World Heritage sites, but the houses of the famous district have suffered years of neglect

19 Mar 2020