'Water', Charles Sheeler

The making of modern America

Masterpieces of American modernism cross the pond for the very first time

27 Apr 2018
James Rosenquist in his studio with source materials, 1966

The art of advertising

A museum retrospective charts James Rosenquist’s journey from billboard painter to Pop art pioneer

18 Jan 2018
Bunker 2 (detail; 2017), Doug Ashford. Still from digital film. Courtesy the artist and Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam

The battle for Picasso’s mind

An exhibition in Berlin explores how both sides in the Cold War tried to turn artists into ideological weapons

3 Jan 2018
Between the Clock and the Bed (1981), Jasper Johns.

The rich repetitions of Jasper Johns

The Royal Academy’s Jasper Johns show captures the complexities of his deceptively simple art

23 Nov 2017
John Ashbery. © Lynn Davis

John Ashbery: poet and artist

He’ll be remembered as a wordsmith, but Ashbery was also a brilliant art critic, collector, and artist with a gift for seeing

11 Sep 2017