Stealing beauty: a scene from ‘The Grande Odalisque’.

The Grande Odalisque – a graphic novel that flunks its art heists

A new graphic novel offers a fresh take on the museum heist genre – if you can bear its regressive sexual politics, that is

16 Mar 2021
Installation view of ‘Titian: Love Desire Death’ at the National Gallery, London.

Six paintings in search of an audience – on Titian’s poesie at the National Gallery

Bringing Titian’s great mythological works together at a time when few people would see them has been a bittersweet experience – but the paintings offer some consolation

26 Mar 2020
Orpheus Enchanting the Animals (16th century), attributed to Titian’s workshop.

It’s an enchanting thought – but did Titian have a hand in the Wellington Orpheus?

The newly restored painting at Apsley House was probably executed by an artist on the margins of the master’s workshop

2 Aug 2019
Study of a Kneeling Man (c.1529), Titian.

The rare Titian drawing that the UK is fighting to keep

Very few drawings by Titian survive. This one is a beautiful and invaluable document that has changed our understanding of his work

19 Nov 2016