Morgan Falconer is the programme director of the MA in contemporary art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York.

What Frank Stella saw – and what he made us see

The painter who began as a master of modernist abstraction kept reinventing himself right until the end

8 May 2024

Buffalo’s oldest museum enters a new era

The Buffalo AKG Art Museum, formerly the Albright-Knox, reopens with a strong sense of civic purpose and a firm commitment to modern art

12 Jun 2023

Edward Hopper’s fear of heights

The painter who defined the experience of modern New York never felt quite at home in the high-rise city

30 Jan 2023

What can we learn from looking at doubles?

An exhibition examining ‘doubles’ in modern art at National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. ends up a little out of focus

26 Sep 2022
The Gulf Stream (detail; 1899), Winslow Homer.

‘This is a new Winslow Homer for our time’

The Met’s new survey reveals a more dramatic, more political side to the American painter

30 May 2022
(detail; 1933), Koga Harue.

Did Surrealism really travel all that well?

The movement begun by André Breton in Paris found followers all over the world, but displaying their efforts all together makes for a muddled show

22 Feb 2022
Gallery wall: installation view of Lucy Raven’s ‘Ready Mix’ (2021) at Dia Chelsea, New York.

With its return to Chelsea, Dia is having a New York moment

Dia Art Foundation’s support for ambitious experimental artists is as resolute as ever, its director Jessica Morgan tells Apollo

14 Apr 2021
Detail from maquette for We Are Building (Stroim) (1928), Valentina Kulagina. Museum of Modern Art, New York

The avant-garde artists who sold a vision of the future

A display of interwar posters is a reminder of that utopian moment when artists believed they could invent a new world

10 Mar 2021
Untitled (1986) Donald Judd. Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale‑on‑Hudson, New York.

Good form – the minimalist magic of Donald Judd

A recent display at MoMA revealed the unexplored depths of an artist whose work sometimes seems all surface

18 Jun 2020
Installation view of Rainforest V (variation I) (1973–2015) by David Tudor in the Marie-Josée and Harry Kravis Studio, a new space for performance, sound and moving-image work at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Has MoMA brought modernism up to date?

Man (as represented by white men) is no longer the measure of all things at the headquarters of modern art

23 Dec 2019