Philippa Malas is a barrister, and a lecturer in the law of the art market at the University of Glasgow and at Christie's Education

The photographer who gave her images away

A photographer who gave her images to the Library of Congress for free claims that two photo stock libraries have been charging for their use.

10 Aug 2016

Why Facebook’s art censorship has landed it in court

Censoring a 19th-century painting has come back to bite the social networking site

26 Feb 2016

Is cultural destruction a matter for the International Criminal Court?

Al Faqi’s trial for alleged destruction in Timbuktu is a humanitarian issue: the art is incidental

11 Nov 2015

Kapoor’s moral right to keep hateful graffiti in place: a legal perspective

A look at the legal issues underpinning the story of Anish Kapoor’s vandalised ‘Dirty Corner’

7 Oct 2015

Indecent Exposure: Art and freedom of expression

Legal disputes surrounding artworks usually require a balancing act between absolute rights and shifting societal norms

28 Sep 2015

Have the SuicideGirls trumped Richard Prince?

An inventive 21st-century response to copyright infringement

30 May 2015