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How to get your art-history fix at the Edinburgh Fringe

There are plenty of (sort of) art-historical turns at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2 Aug 2017
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The Rake’s progress: last week in gossip

Giacometti at the movies, Jack Vettriano at the pub, and the rest of last week’s arty tittle-tattle

31 Jul 2017

The museum that’s telling porkies to its visitors

The Museum of Lies brought weird and wonderful – but utterly spurious – exhibits to London

30 Jul 2017

The curious case of Microsoft Paint

Microsoft has reversed its decision to discontinue MS Paint, the programme that turned all of us into (very bad) Picassos

27 Jul 2017
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The Rake’s progress: last week in gossip

Salvador Dalí’s moustache, Madonna’s hairbrush, and the rest of this week’s arty tittle-tattle

25 Jul 2017

Macron goes large for his official photo

The French president has upset local mayors by messing around with the format of his official photograph

21 Jul 2017
Picture taken on December 1971 of Spanish artist Salvador Dali. Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images

Digging up Dalí (and other disinterments)

Salvador Dalí is far from the first artist to have his eternal sleep disrupted

20 Jul 2017
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The Rake’s progress: last week in gossip

Daniel Hannan gets furious about a statue of Engels, and the rest of this week’s arty tittle-tattle

18 Jul 2017

The London museum having a whale of a time

The blue whale skeleton installed at Natural History Museum is proving as popular as Dippy the Diplodocus

14 Jul 2017

The rogue art of Sky Atlantic’s Riviera

The TV thriller Riviera unfolds after the murder of a top art collector

14 Jul 2017
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The Rake’s progress: last week in gossip

Brooklyn Beckham’s photo nasties and the rest of last week’s art-world tittle-tattle

11 Jul 2017

How Bubbles the Chimp picked up the paintbrush

The chimp that was once Michael Jackson’s pet monkey has taken up painting in its retirement

9 Jul 2017

Why angry letters are flying about in North Korea

The DPRK has released a series of stamps taking aim American targets

7 Jul 2017

The Rake’s progress: last week in gossip

Maria Balshaw’s matching socks – and the rest of the week’s art world tittle-tattle

4 Jul 2017

The art of group sauna sessions

What links a trip to the sauna and some of the UK’s leading art institutions?

30 Jun 2017

The rocky art of international relations

A public art installation in Albania has just been condemned by the Greek government

29 Jun 2017

The Rake’s Progress: last week in gossip

Has Goldie outed Banksy? Did Andy Warhol get in John McEnroe’s way; and is Sean Spicer pleased with his likeness?

27 Jun 2017

The not-so-super model of Kate Moss

For £25,000, you can own a hyperreal, platinum silicone model of Kate Moss

24 Jun 2017

The microbes and moths munching on your favourite artworks

Monuments and artworks are at threat from microbes – if the moths don’t get them, that is

22 Jun 2017
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The Rake’s progress: last week in gossip

From Brian Sewell to Justin Bieber, the best of last week’s tittle-tattle from the art world

20 Jun 2017

The fine art of avocados

Artists have always been obsessed with fruit – but avocado art might be taking things too far

18 Jun 2017

Why your sports shoes could be worth a fortune

A pair of self-lacing trainers has sold at auction for more than $50,000 dollars. Could you be standing on a fortune?

16 Jun 2017

The Louvre goes to the movies (again)

Wonder Woman now works at the Louvre… but will her curatorial credentials spare her bad reviews?

11 Jun 2017

The street artists getting bashed by bishops and bureaucrats

Invader and Bansky have stirred up authorities in Spain and the UK this week

8 Jun 2017