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Slow horses and flying starts – the glittering career of Gary Oldman

There’s no denying the actor’s talents, but Rakewell can’t help wishing he would finally direct that film about Eadweard Muybridge, ‘the father of motion pictures’

6 Jan 2023

Shop until you drop in your favourite museum

The gift shops are full of seasonal offerings for your nearest and dearest – and Rakewell has some recommendations

16 Dec 2022
Still life of roses in an oriental lacquer and canework bowl, on a ledge with a butterfly and dragonfly (17th century), Osias Beert the Elder. Courtesy Sotheby's

Can a modern perfumier hold a candle to the Old Masters?

Sotheby’s has hired Lyn Harris to respond to Dutch Golden Age paintings with her ‘olfactory poetic landscapes’ – but Rakewell smells a rat

9 Dec 2022
ATM Leaderboard (2022), MSCHF. Photo: Pauline Shapiro; courtesy MSCHF and Perrotin

Money really talks at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art-fair visitors who aren’t afraid to declare their worth can take advantage of MSCHF’s very public ATM machine

2 Dec 2022

Paris takes a revolutionary approach to its Olympic mascot

Phrygian cap or pussy hat? The mascot for the 2024 Paris Olympics seems to be making a bid for freedom

25 Nov 2022
The plaque to Howard Carter, restored

The curse of Tutankhamun strikes again – but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with glue

The breaking of a plaque to commemorate Howard Carter in Luxor isn’t a wholly inappropriate way to mark the centenary of his great discovery

18 Nov 2022
Christie’s Paul Allen

The first billion-dollar auction? Plus ça change…

The sale of masterpieces at Christie’s shattered records – but has it really changed the art market?

11 Nov 2022
Jean-Michel Basquiat at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, in 1987. Photo: Karen Petersen/Everett Collection

How does a ‘prank’ Basquiat measure up to the great art-world hoaxes?

Selling a misattributed work was a ‘prank’, according to André Heller – which leads Rakewell to reflect on the real classics of the genre

4 Nov 2022
Courtesy Royal Mint

The King’s new portrait is right on the money

They are symbols of great change, but Rakewell finds pleasing continuities in the new Charles III coins

28 Oct 2022
Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images

At last! A prime minister who knows how to dress

Thomas Blaikie pens a paean to the new emperor’s clothes

25 Oct 2022
The Daily Star

Salad days for satirists – a farewell to Liz Truss

She has been outlasted by a lettuce – but could the Iceberg Lady take comfort from a pear-shaped French king?

21 Oct 2022
Frieze art fair

Is real success being crushed in a crowd of VIPs?

Despite allowing a few celebrity sightings, the preview day of Frieze London felt more like the tube during rush hour than an exclusive experience for art collectors

14 Oct 2022
Liz Truss, with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (second from left). Photo: Alastair Grant/Pool/Getty Image

Can Liz Truss hold on to her marbles?

The British prime minister has brought her knack for careful diplomacy to the Parthenon marbles row

7 Oct 2022
John Pawson and his pooch Lochie. Courtesy Dylan Thomas

Pampered pooches of the rich and the famous

A picture-book of the lucky mutts of ‘high-flying creatives’ is just what we all need

30 Sep 2022
Photo: Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Pitt peeve – why are Brad’s sculptures getting rave reviews?

Rakewell takes umbrage with the idea that the Hollywood superstar’s sculptures are to be taken seriously as art

23 Sep 2022
Morfydd Clark as Galadriel in ‘The Rings of Power’.

Can the British Museum learn from The Lord of the Rings?

Given J.R.R. Tolkien’s apparent attitude to cultural property, the British Museum made an interesting venue for ‘The Rings of Power’ launch party

2 Sep 2022

Why are climate activists in an Old Masters frame of mind?

It is impossible not to be glued to the ongoing protests of environmental activists in the world’s leading museums

26 Aug 2022

Is Keanu Reeves about to become the architect of his own destiny?

May the actor’s upcoming role as the successful Chicago architect Daniel H. Burnham be more promising than his previous skirmishes with the profession

19 Aug 2022

Will the Groucho Club become the art world’s watering hole?

Does Hauser & Wirth’s purchase of a favourite haunt of the YBAs spell the end of an altogether more riotous era?

12 Aug 2022
portrait of antony gormley

Who will stand up for Antony Gormley’s art?

The students at Imperial College London are objecting to the sculptor’s ‘phallic’ new sculpture, proving that an outsize reputation isn’t everything

5 Aug 2022
The cover of Beyonce's latest album, ‘Renaissance', by photographer Carlin Jacobs

Beyoncé remixes the Renaissance

The pop star’s latest album contains fewer treats for art-history buffs than its title promises – but Rakewell is too busy dancing to care

29 Jul 2022
Bison at the Wildwood Trust nature reserve in Kent on 18 July 2022.

Welcome to Britain, where the wild bison now roam

Bringing the European bison to Kent is intended to do wonders for the woodland, but Rakewell can’t help wondering if art needs rewilding too

22 Jul 2022
Valentino haute couture fall/winter 22/23 fashion show on 8 July, 2022 on the Spanish Steps in Rome. Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

A summer of madness on the Spanish Steps

First a man in a Maserati, then the hurling of a scooter – and now a spat between fashion houses. What on earth has got into everyone?

15 Jul 2022

What really went on inside Number 10

In the light of Boris Johnson’s resignation, Rakewell examines a leaked invoice supposedly detailing the exquisite interiors of Number 10

8 Jul 2022