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Design for living: ‘Supermarket’ at the Design Museum

This week only, you can do your weekly shop at the Design Museum

For five days the South Kensington museum has reopened as a supermarket, stocked with artist-designed essentials

22 Apr 2021

Ramen reason: the art of the cup noodle

A museum devoted to the instant noodle has opened in Hong Kong – but it’s not the first time that ramen has been put to creative uses

16 Apr 2021
Aidan Turner in ‘Leonardo’, which launches on 16 April on Prime Video

Leonardo, heart-throb of the small screen

Rakewell suspects that Leonardo would have loved the invention of film and TV, but what would he have made of Aidan Turner, aka Ross Poldark, playing him?

9 Apr 2021

Did somebody say Just Art?

Yes, it’s happened – a leading art collection is now available on a food delivery app

2 Apr 2021
Art attack: Sacha Jafri painting his record- (and potentially back-) breaking artwork.

The world’s largest painting – a backbreaking endeavour, basically

Sacha Jafri’s vast canvas may have fetched $62m, but it also landed him in hospital – and he’s not the first artist to have suffered a work-related injury

24 Mar 2021
Jaw-dropping: Charles I singing along to Gloria Gaynor, courtesy of Wombo.ai (and the pairing skills of Twitter user @oldnorthroad)

It’s deepfake karaoke, Old Master style

The latest AI tool to go viral turns still images into singing videos – so warbling Mona Lisas and disco Holbeins are taking over your social feeds

15 Mar 2021
Screen printing (money). Courtesy Christie’s

NFT mania has swept the art world – and yes, that’s the scent of tulipomania.jpeg

Christie’s just sold a Jpeg file for a staggering $69.3 million. There’ll be a saving on shipping costs, if nothing else…

12 Mar 2021
Bird’s eye – Lear’s macaw in its natural habitat.

How a parrot named after Edward Lear is taking flight again in Brazil

A pair of Lear’s macaws, named after the poet, painter and parrot-lover, have been released into the wild in Brazil

12 Mar 2021
Rembrandt looking shifty – courtesy of My Heritage’s Deep Nostalgia™

Bring your favourite paintings to life – with exceptionally creepy results

Thanks to deepfake technology you can make Rembrandt roll his eyes – and be creeped out by the results

5 Mar 2021
Schlock jock: Kelsey Grammer as Frasier.Photo: Gale Adler/Paramount

Will Frasier’s dodgy art collection make a comeback?

With the sitcom set to return to our screens, Rakewell wonders if its pompous protagonist will know more about art than he used to

26 Feb 2021

What’s on Oliver Dowden’s walls?

The Secretary of State for Culture has paintings by Lubaina Himid and Charles Mozley in his office – but perhaps video art is more his thing?

25 Feb 2021
Flat-pack museum, anyone?

Some national collections may be sent to Coventry – and its old IKEA awaits them

If Coventry Council votes to buy an empty IKEA store next week, several national collections could be heading to the city

19 Feb 2021
Having a ball: Serena Williams at the Met Gala in 2019.

From Serena Williams to John McEnroe, the tennis stars with ace collections

Serena Williams has opened up her private art gallery to Architectural Digest – and she’s not the first tennis star to have courted the art world

9 Feb 2021

Why is the Louvre auctioning off its hedges?

It’s your chance to own part of the Louvre – and spruce up your backyard with plants of impeccable provenance

8 Feb 2021

Antony Gormley gets crafty

The sculptor is urging us to get creative in lockdown – and even better, he’s been channelling the late, great Tony Hart on live TV

6 Feb 2021

How to gain access to the Beatles (sort of)

The original foyer doors of Abbey Road Studios are up for auction – which isn’t quite the same as owning the zebra crossing, but still

5 Feb 2021
Omar Sy as Assane Diop in 'Lupin', with Veronese's 'Wedding Feast at Cana' in the background.

Déjà-vu – the Louvre is no stranger to heists, whether in Lupin or real life

The hit French series on Netflix sees the Paris museum’s security breached in spectacular fashion – but stealing the Mona Lisa in 1911 couldn’t have been easier

27 Jan 2021
Bernie Sanders in Wolfgang Laib’s ‘Where have you gone – where are you going?’ (via Phillips Collection)

The art world is smitten with Bernie Sanders’ mittens

A meme of Bernie at the inauguration has (predictably) seen the senator popping up in everyone’s favourite paintings

21 Jan 2021
Photo: Getty Images

Could Sex and the City’s Charlotte hack it in today’s art world?

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt stepped away from her career in the original series, but perhaps she’s ready to return to the white cube in this year’s reboot?

12 Jan 2021
Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2020

Location, location…location? Bridgerton takes liberties with Regency London

It is perhaps unsurprising that a show that takes such a creative approach to costume drama plays fast and loose with its locations

7 Jan 2021

Neat work – on art and whisky

Whisky and museums are a few of your roving correspondent’s favourite things – and now the V&A Dundee is bringing them together

18 Dec 2020
Photo: Geoff Caddick/AFP via Getty Images

Banksy and the art of sneezing

Banksy has decorated a wall in Bristol with a sneeze – leading Rakewell to ponder the art of sneezing

12 Dec 2020
The first Christmas card, commissioned by Henry Cole and designed by John Calcott Horsley, published in 1843. Christie’s, London (estimate £5,000–£8,000)

The merry mania of Christmas cards

The first commercially produced Christmas card was published in 1843 – and you can have one for £5,000 or more (stamps not included)

4 Dec 2020
Lyra Belacqua in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.

Dark material – the Pitt Rivers Museum in fiction

A cameo in the BBC’s His Dark Materials adaptation leads Rakewell to reflect on other fictional appearances of the museum over the years

27 Nov 2020