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Salvador Dalí – back from the dead (again)

Fancy a selfie with Salvador Dalí? An AI-generated version of the artist will be happy to oblige…

19 May 2019

Camping it up, art history-style

The celebs cooked up some outrageous costumes for the Met Gala – and as ever, it seems that a few of them have been studying their art history

8 May 2019

Warsaw goes bananas!

Banana-eating protestors surrounded the National Museum in Warsaw last week, after a video showing a woman consuming the fruit was removed from display

5 May 2019
Ve*us and Cu*id.

The great Renaissance cover-up

Titian and Bronzino have incurred the wrath of a librarian at a Baptist college in Florida

4 May 2019

The creative confessions of Anthony Scaramucci

The former director of communications at the White House isn’t a fan of contemporary art. At least he’s honest about it!

28 Apr 2019

Rooting around in Richter’s rubbish

A man has been fined for stealing from Gerhard Richter’s recycling bin. Honest, officer, I was trying to clear the paper off the street!

28 Apr 2019

Dine like the artists – from Doug Aitken to Marina Abramović

From Doug Aitken’s cheese fondue to Marina Abramović’s ‘essence drink’, the recipes you need to eat like a blue-chip artist

18 Apr 2019

Bedding down at the Louvre – and other nights at the museum

The Louvre is going to allow one couple a chance to conk out at the gallery. Seems like cultural catnaps are all the rage…

12 Apr 2019
The body politic.

Commons indecency, perhaps – but was it art?

A fleshy protest made parliament more farcical than ever this week. Marina Abramović, you have competition…

3 Apr 2019

The best arty April Fools’ pranks of 2019

From the Salvator Mundi in the Oval Office to a sausage museum in Lincolnshire, the best art-related April Fools’ jokes of 2019

1 Apr 2019
Artist Cosimo Cavallaro building his wall of cheese.

That border wall, made out of cheese

The Make America Grate Again project isn’t the first time dairy has been used as an artistic medium

29 Mar 2019

Peter Crouch, connoisseur

It turns out that the former England striker has an impulsive streak when it comes to art and interiors

25 Mar 2019

Grunge in the gallery – from Kurt Cobain to Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready has opened an exhibition in Seattle. He’s not the first grunge star to try their hand at the visual arts…

24 Mar 2019
David Lynch.

The cult movie directors coming to a gallery near you

David Lynch and Harmony Korine are among the directors who have made the leap to canvas

21 Mar 2019

Making a massive hashtag of it – from Brexit backers to Trump

Political tweets have hit the big time – on massive billboards in the UK and in ‘The Presidential Twitter Library’

17 Mar 2019

The fine art of golf

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is launching a mini-golf course inspired by its collection

8 Mar 2019

Cate Blanchett makes a mockery of Marina Abramović

Cate Blanchett has pastiched the performance artist for Documentary Now!

7 Mar 2019
Bob Marley in London in June 1977, photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images

No more waiting in vain for Bob Marley fans

English Heritage marks the musician’s time in Chelsea, but a literary festival’s calls for pink plaques in Highgate falls flat

28 Feb 2019
The Macallan 60-year-old 1926 single malt up for sale at Bonhams in March (right); Gerhard Richter’s label for the 2015 vintage of Chateau Mouton Rothschild

Whisky galore – and other bottles you can collect

Francis Bacon, Jeff Koons and Gerhard Richter are just a few of the artists who have taken to the bottle and designed labels for famous brands

28 Feb 2019
150 Rembrandts.

All the other Rembrandts – from soft rock to cigarettes

The Rijksmuseum gathered 150 people called Rembrandt to launch its new exhibition – but that’s just the start of the the painter’s curious legacy

22 Feb 2019

When Ed Sheeran met David Hockney

Ed Sheeran has joined the big league – by becoming the latest star to pose for David Hockney

17 Feb 2019

Jeremy Corbyn’s heritage hang-ups

Plus: Donald Trump’s wedding cake goes under the hammer, and Lars von Trier turns his films into diamonds

17 Feb 2019

From bus tours to bacteria – a brief cultural guide to Brian Blessed

The thunderous thespian is to voice the bacteria that spread the Black Death for a new display at the Museum of London

9 Feb 2019

Bloody ballads and semen straw sculptures

The latest bizarre artworks to come to Rakewell’s attention feature blood donations and cattle-rearing devices

1 Feb 2019