Ruth Garde is a writer and curator based in London. She writes about art, architecture and history, and the intersecting realms of art and science

Smart art that will make you reconsider your smartphone

Art inspired by science can be hit and miss. But here’s an artist who really gets its beauty and complexity

9 Mar 2016

Lost in Fathoms: Anaïs Tondeur

Tondeur’s work is rigorously scientific, but that doesn’t blunt its emotional impact

7 Nov 2014

De Chirico Displaced

Exiled from their deserted piazzas, Giorgio de Chirico’s sculptural figures lack the uncanny appeal of his paintings

21 Jan 2014

Puppet Master

Dark but deeply compelling, Wael Shawky’s films at the Serpentine Gallery are a reminder of the power and unreliability of stories

15 Dec 2013