A selection of the bookplates in Simon Martin’s collection, showing the following plates (clockwise from top left): William Nicholson’s for William Heinemann; Stephen Gooden’s for John Raymond Danson; John Craxton’s for Stephen and Natasha Spender; Keith Vaughan’s for Mervyn Jones Evans, John Nash’s for Lionel Bradley, Eric Gill’s for Mary Gill, E. McKnight Kauffer’s for Jeanette Rutherston, Keith Vaughan’s for John Lehmann, Gladys Calthrop’s for Nöel Coward, and E. McKnight Kauffer’s for Ifan Kyrle Fletcher.

Book keeping: the bookplates that are artworks in their own right

With their miniature artistry and enigmatic personal histories, these striking prints are often more enticing than the volumes they’re found in

23 Apr 2021

First Look: Leon Underwood at Pallant House Gallery

It is fascinating how influential figures can seem to ‘disappear’ from the canon of art history

27 Feb 2015

12 Days: Highlights of 2015

Pop art comes under examination in 2015, while Pallant House Gallery reappraises the work of Leon Underwood, David Jones and Walter Sickert

5 Jan 2015